Approval of Building Plans

In submitting a building plan application :-

  • The application should be filled as per the instructions of this application.
  • The ownership of the property should be ascertained from the Rates Division and it should be recorded in the application.
  • The building plan (drawn to scale) submitted for approval should be presented in triplicate.
  • Space for placing a compost bin should be allotted and demarcated in presenting the building plan in the case of lands 10 perches or more in extent.
  • A clear photocopy of the plot plan, on which the site plan was based, should also be attached.
  • A photocopy of the title deed of the land should be attached to the building plan.
  • A copy of the National Identity Card of the owner of the property should be submitted.

Download the Application

Fees will be charged upon submission of the duly completed application to the District Office applicable to you.