Approval of a Subdivision of a Land

In submitting an application for land subdivision ….

  • Completion of the application as per the instructions stated in the application for subdivision of land.
  • Verification of the property ownership at the Rates Division and recording this fact on the application.
  • Certification of the application by a qualified person (Authorized Surveyor/ Town Designer)

Things to be submitted together with the application :-

  • The subdivision plan submitted for approval and 03 of its photocopies made to that same scale
  • An approved photocopy of the original plan on which the subdivision was based
  • A photocopy of the title deed of the land pertaining to the subdivision and
  • A photocopy of the National Identity Card of the owner of the property.

Download the Application

Application for Subdivision of Land – Price Rs. 800.00

Application fees will be charged upon submission of the duly completed application to the District Office applicable to you.