Obtaining a Dealer’s Licence

  1. Receiving the completed application from the firms to which Dealer’s Licence should be issued
  2. Charging the dealer’s licence fee and rates or taxes relevant to it when receiving the application
  3. Handing over the original of the Application for the Dealer’s Licence together with the cover letter of the District Officer to the Public Health Inspector for his recommendation on the suitability to provide the firm concerned with a Dealer’s Licence (The copy of the original application for Dealer’s Licence and the copy of the cover letter should be enclosed in the file pertaining to the place of business concerned.)
  4. Once the report of the Public Health Inspector is received, if the report has been given to the effect that the firm concerned is not eligible for grant of dealer’s licence, a letter is sent to the business firm concerned informing of it.
  5. If the report recommends that it is eligible, a letter is sent to the business firm concerned pointing out the shortcomings for the purpose of completing the necessary qualifications.

As such, the following should be obtained:

  1. Business registration certificate
  2. Deed of title or leasehold of the business premises
  3. Approved plan of the land
  4. Approved building plan
  5. In the case of a firm which should obtain environmental protection licence, such licence
  6. In the case of a fuel filling station, the fire safety certificate
  7. In the case of a beauty parlour, the beauty culture certificate
  8. In the case of an Ayurvedic massaging centre, the certificate from the Ayurvedic Medical Council
  9. In the case of a lodge, the waste disposal methodology.

Should be obtained.

  • Rectify the shortcomings in the file and submitting it for recommendation and approval for writing out licences (The section of the by law governing the business premises should be mentioned therein.)
  • Once the approval has been granted to write the dealer’s licence, submitting it for signature.