Removal of Hazardous Trees

  • Issuing application for Hazardous trees (on payment of a fee)
  • If the hazardous tree is on the complainant’s land, informing that action was taken to fell the tree; and in the case of varieties of trees for which special permission should be obtained, referring the matter through the Grama Niladhari to fell the tree with the approval of the Divisional Secretary.
  • Referring to the Technical Officer in charge of the area to conduct site inspections in respect of hazardous trees for which approval of the Divisional Secretary has been / has not been received.
  • Referring the report given by the Technical Officer after inspecting the site to the Municipal Engineer through the District Officer.
  • Sending the second notice in the event of failure to remove the tree even after the lapse of 14 days from the first notice.
  • Issuing the final notification if there is no response to the first and second notices. (07 days).
  • If the tree has not been removed even after the lapse of 07 days from the final notice, referring the matter to the Municipal Engineer’s Department for the removal of the tree by the Council.
  • Obtaining a report from the Technical Officer to ascertain the current status.
  • Calling quotations from local tree fellers.
  • Selecting a tree feller and informing in writing the owner of the tree: of the cost of felling and removing the tree; that court action is to be taken to recover the cost; and of the date on which the tree will be felled and removed.
  • Taking action to fell and remove the tree with the assistance of the police.

Download the Application

Fees will be charged upon submission of the duly completed application to the District Office applicable to you.