Waste Management

  • Collection of waste (The three District Offices conduct this course of action according to a daily schedule for collecting waste.)
  • Sweeping the streets

The Kaduwela Municipal Council is a rapidly urbanizing area encompassing 87.71 square kilometres situated within the Colombo District. Its population has also increased with the same rapidity. It also escalates the number of houses necessary and a huge amount of waste accumulates within the area as a result. As a solution to the waste problem the Kaduwela Municipal Council commenced a waste management project. The Kaduwela Municipal Council collects 50-60 tons of waste every day. The Project manufactures fertilizers using the waste-rolling system. Approximately 10 tons of waste per day is used for manufacturing fertilizers.

The process pertaining to the domestic composting within the area is also conducted in a methodical and proper manner. The Kaduwela Municipal Council has also taken various courses of action to popularize this programme further.

They are as follows:

  • Providing 200 bins necessary to produce compost every year.
  • Explaining to people the importance and necessity of manufacturing compost fertilizers.
  • Imparting the knowledge necessary to manufacture fertilizers in the household to people of the area.
  • Collecting home-based non-decaying materials.
  • Implementing the Green Bucket Project and supplying free polysack bags for making people accustomed to the waste segregation method.
  • Raising the awareness of the general public regarding this methodology and following up by making home visits.